Exercising patience in your expectations Dear Editor, IN 2008, I was heavily involved in the presidential campaign for President Rupiah Banda. When he won, I attended his inauguration ceremony and later his luncheon at Government House. Thereafter, I disappeared and went back to my usual chores. Never to be seen again. A week later, he […]

ALLOW me space in your widely read newspaper to add my voice to the challenge of food crisis in some parts of the country as a result of climate change.   I think it is about time we got very serious with some of the statements we make about our own great country. Leaders and individuals […]

MY heart is with those residents of Livingstone who are opposing plans by Mukuba Property Development Company to develop the Mosi-oa-Tunya Livingstone Resort that will comprise two hotels, a 600-seater conference centre and a Golf Course inside the national park. They have my full support because this is obviously a wrong move by whoever is […]

IT was nice to hear that Government has expressed great concern over the high price of mealie meal which is reported to have reached K150 for 25kg bag of Breakfast and K120 for a 25kg bag of Roller meal in some cases. Indeed this is a matter of grave concern and it was heartening to […]

I DO not know what is happening in ZESCO but clearly, something must be very seriously wrong. A number of households in Mimosa Chilanga have had no electricity supply for 4 days now due to vandalized transformer cables. And all we have been told by ZESCO Chilanga is that “there are no cables in stock […]

ALLOW me to say something on what our ambassador to Ethiopia Mr Emmanuel Mwamba feels can be done to tackle the issue of abortions in Zambia. Mr Mwamba says he is known to be calm, always wearing a cheerful smile and speaking in a measured voice, whatever the tensions, threat, puzzle or circumstances. But the […]

THE call by President Edgar Lungu to all law enforcement agencies to go beyond their areas of operation to include the continuously expanding cyberspace is most welcome and timely. I say so because currently there is already a case involving two Chinese men accused of stealing money by using fake ATM cards This therefore means […]

ALLOW me to comment on Davis Mulenga’s article ‘Zambia needs industry-ready graduates’ and your opinion ‘Zambia should strive for industry-ready graduates’ on Thursday, August 15, 2019 was provocative. It is true universities get a lot of flak over inflexible curricula of rote teaching and lack of experiential learning outside the classroom. This results into a […]

ALLOW me to react to a comment on news analysis that featured on Prime TV on 29th July 2019.  The analysis concerning the condemnation of the cutting of rural electrification supply lines to Dundumwezi was not justified. What the analyst should understand is that some of us are strongly condemning the retrogression of the act […]

I HAVE observed with sadness and concern the manner in which our mobile service providers are trying to beat the issue raised by Parliament which is urging government to ban internet service providers from prescribed expiry dates on Internet bundles bought by customers. It would appear the providers have already found a way out by making […]

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