Claims that hard-pressed Zimbabweans had resorted to selling their toes for survival went viral on social media a fortnight ago and a top government official slammed the jokes as an attempt to harm the country’s image.

The authorities in Malawi have stopped South African celebrity Zodwa Wabantu from coming into the country to perform because her revealing dance moves are thought to be out of tune with the nation’s moral standards.

The US has accused Tunisian President Kais Saied of an “alarming pattern” of actions “undermining” Tunisia’s independent institutions after he fired dozens of judges.

The authorities in Malawi have announced a 25% devaluation of the local currency, the kwacha, starting on Friday.

Having paid a ransom three times to secure the freedom of his loved ones, Nigerian businessman Lawal Ado is not impressed by moves to outlaw payments to kidnappers.

It was a big win for a 52-year-old man seeking dowry refund from in-laws after the Kitale Court granted his wish.

An evangelist is in trouble after telling people he knows of a gate leading to heaven from south-western Nigeria that he can show them – for a fee.

The Malian government says it is breaking off all defence agreements with its former colonial ruler France.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has greenlighted ruble gas payments for buyers from countries which placed sanctions on Russia in connection with Ukraine. Putin signed a decree on Thursday demanding that these buyers open accounts in Russian banks to facilitate the payments. The measure takes effect from April 1. The move to switch to Russia’s national […]

The head of French military intelligence, Gen Eric Vidaud, is losing his job after failing to predict Russia’s war in Ukraine, reports say. Seven months after he took on the role, one report said he was blamed for “inadequate briefings” and a “lack of mastery of subjects”. The US correctly assessed that Russia was planning […]

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