Millennium Radio station 90.5FM is a wholly owned Zambian company, registered under the laws of Zambia.

Millennium Radio was awarded its full broadcast license in May 2012.

It is Zambia’s first ever news and talk radio station and is designed to bring the most seasoned, energetic and articulate radio broadcasting that this country has produced. Our intention is to address the various social, economic and political challenges that our country is facing and to seek the views of as wide an audience as possible.

Millennium Radio has a developmental agenda, with the aim of highlighting developmental issues from our communities with the intention that civic and national leaders are made aware and can therefore respond to the felt needs of these communities.

As a news and talk station we pride ourselves on providing updated, factual, and balanced news bulletins with hourly updates.

Millennium Radio has created a niche for itself as the most reliable news and talk station, following a code of ethics that provides freedom of expression with the responsibility to respect others. We have struck a chord with listeners even those beyond the reach of our frequency who find value in our programming.


To be Zambia’s most forward looking station, that provides a platform for citizens to interact with their civic and political leaders and bring development into the homes of citizens affordably, through our informative and educational content.


Millennium Radio seeks to contribute towards the empowerment of individuals and marginalized communities, especially women and young people by promoting their concerns in the areas of education, sanitation, health,    poverty alleviation and HIV/AIDS mitigation and increasing their participation in local and national development programs.  Millennium Radio is ‘The voice of development’.


Millennium Radio envisages a Zambia where marginalized communities especially women, single headed households and youths are empowered through the dissemination of value added information and where the concerns and voices of the less privileged in society take centre stage in Zambia mass media.


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