There are numerous ways to rekindle the attraction after it has faded. There are numerous indicators that you need to take action in order to renew the romantic attraction in your relationship.

We discuss the use of magical potion believed to arouse love or sexual passion toward a specified person, especially the person offering it. On 4 July 2022, a 17 year old juvenile of Kasenengwa District in Eastern Province died after drinking a suspected love concoction. READ STORY: 17 YEAR OLD BOY DIES AFTER DRINKING A […]

From the very beginning, children born outside of marriage have life stacked against them. While many single mothers work wonders and raise their children well despite the obstacles they encounter, for many others the challenge is too great and their children suffer the consequences. 1. Health at Birth Out-of-wedlock birth is related to poor health […]

Metal theft is “the theft of items for the value of their constituent metals”. It usually increases when worldwide prices for scrap metal rise.

LILLIAN CHIKANDI writes THERE is need for Chirundu residents to propose workable by-laws for the smooth running of the affairs in district, says Chairman Mr. Robison Sianduba. Mr Sianduba particularly implored residents of Manyepa village of Sikoongo chiefdom to help formulate regulations that would not come into conflict with existing ones such as fisheries Act. […]

LILLIAN CHIKANDI writes @SunZambian SOME residents of Chirundu central ward with a tendency of scavenging for expired products that are disposed by different institutions at the dumpsite in Choonga village have worried the local leadership. Chirundu council chairman Mr. Robison Sianduba has since cautioned the residents to desist from such tendencies. Speaking when he visited […]

LINDA SOKO TEMBO writes @SunZambian A local animal rights activist says cruelty against animals is rife in Lusaka. Lusaka Animal Welfare society (LAWS) chairperson, Caroline Pearce, also expressed concern at the manner animals, like livestock, is handled and slaughtered for consumption. Ms. Pearce disclosed to The Sun in an interview, that one Lusaka-based abattoir is […]

NOEL IYOMBWA writes @SunZambian TWO alert security guards yesterday foiled a car robbery and apprehended the suspect after a dramatic chase at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road campus. The drama was escalated with the C5, the anti-robbery unit of the Police, showing up in no time after they were alerted by the […]

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A traffic jam is building up on the Nakonde –Isoka road as more vehicles get stuck as most parts have turned into mud…..Audrey Mwape reports The Nakonde – Isoka road is in bad state leaving the transporters and traders from both Zambia and Tanzania stranded. The road which links Zambia to Tanzania is one of […]

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