The State asked the Court to dismiss the petition on the basis that it lacked merit.Gov’t delays de-registration of PF, says Lubinda

Written by on June 14, 2023

THE UPND government may have postponed the execution of its scheme to exterminate the Patriotic Front (PF) through deregistration because the former ruling party has fulfilled all the demanded requirements, including the submission of Curriculum Vitaes, Given Lubinda has said.
And Mr Lubinda says the PF has requested the Registrar of Societies to provide a list of all the requirements for the registration of a political party in Zambia so that the former ruling party should submit the demands if there were any left or missing from the list of what has been submitted.
Mr Lubinda, the PF vice-president has said the PF shall not be complacent even after fulfilling all the requirements for the registration of a political party because it was aware that the UPND was determined to expunge the PF from the list of registered political parties in Zambia.
He said the battle to defend and protect the PF from maliciously being deregistered was still on until and unless the Registrar of Societies wrote a letter to the opposition party informing it about meeting the requirements.
Mr Lubinda said government had not yet written to the PF to furnish the former ruling party with the full list of the needed requirement for the registration of a political party and that the plot to kill Zambia’s largest opposition political party was still alive and kicking.
“You know when you call out a wizard that he is about to bewitch you, he will not execute his plan immediately because it will be too obvious. So, I do not think the UPND will execute its plot to deregister the PF now because they have been exposed. However, the only time we will say we have crossed the rubicund is when the Registrar of Societies will write to us informing us that we have fulfilled all the requirements. For as long as the UPND government has not written to us about us fulfilling the requirements, the threat for the deregistration of the PF is still there and imminent,” Mr Lybinda said.
Mr Lubinda said there was a team that is pursuing the Registrar of Societies so that it could release the full list of the requirements so that should the UPND demand for anything else including title deeds of the its office bearers, the PF would be ready to provide.
He said all the office bearers on the list had so far submitted their CVs and that it would not be surprising if the new dawn would be demanding the title deeds of the PF office bearers.
“We gave them our CVs and it will not be surprising if they are going to demand that we submit our title deeds of the houses we are living in. They are capable of manufacturing anything in their quest to kill the PF including asking for marriage certificates for our female office bearers. So I do not think the battle is over until the Registrar of Societies writes to us that we have fulfilled all the requirements,” Mr Lubinda said.

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