IT is now clear that the country’s health sector is in crisis and Government must move in fast and ensure that medicines are procured for public hospitals and clinics. There are a number of stakeholders who have raised concern over the non-availability of drugs in public health centres, with patients being given only prescriptions to […]

ZAMBIA has enjoyed over 50 years of cordial friendship with China and as te saying goes ‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’. China has come to the aid of Zambia by donating essential Covid-19 vaccines to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. It is a well known fact that Arrica is experiencing a […]

THE dreaded fourth wave has taken its toll on Christmas,  with Government now announcing new regulations. Numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases jumped from hundreds a few weeks ago to thousands in recent days. Hospital admissions have been low but the spike in cases has now seen new restrictions being imposed and the postponement of schools […]

Exercising patience in your expectations Dear Editor, IN 2008, I was heavily involved in the presidential campaign for President Rupiah Banda. When he won, I attended his inauguration ceremony and later his luncheon at Government House. Thereafter, I disappeared and went back to my usual chores. Never to be seen again. A week later, he […]

JIMMY CARTER FOUNDATION SPONSORS YOUTH,WOMEN CANDIDATES IN SOUTHERN PROVINCE By ANDREW MUKOMATHE Jimmy Carter Foundation under the Advancing Women and Youths in Governance project has sponsored 15 youth and women candidates who have since been adopted by different political parties in Monze and Gwembe.The six-month project funded by the foundation to the tune of Us […]

IT is shocking to hear that old superstitions around witchcraft has resulted in the suspension of essential coronavirus surveillance in North Western province. Chavuma District has recorded several Covid-19 cases and is in an area that has various economic activities happening and so has potential for the virus spread. Reports from ZANIS are that some […]

THE severity of the second wave of the pandemic is taking its toll with more patients having to receive oxygen. More than 200 covid-19 patients are on oxygen therapy in various health facilities while nine have died in the last 24 hours. Health Minister Jonas Chanda, announced that 206 patients were on oxygen, 16 of […]

THERE are now 36,074 laboratory confirmed Covid-19 cases in Zambia since March 2020 and the reality is that some cases will have to be managed outside of health facilities. In the wake of the second wave of infections we have seen several recommendations being made related to managing Covid-19 symptoms. The worry is that some […]

IT is disheartening to observe that the warnings of the second wave of a Covid-19 outbreak has gone unheeded, with many people completely abandoning preventive measures. Worse still, it was confirmed yesterday that Zambia has recorded a new strain of the Coronavirus which spreads faster and carries a higher risk of fatality. Health Minister Chitalu […]

AN alarming surge in Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases in Zambia is worrying and it must be treated as a pandemic because is destroying our homes, communities and our country. GBV can take many forms and, depending on the type of relationship that is its context and the type of power being exerted, this crime […]

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