Intensify war against cybercrime

Written by on August 25, 2019

THE call by President Edgar Lungu to all law enforcement agencies to go beyond their areas of operation to include the continuously expanding cyberspace is most welcome and timely.

I say so because currently there is already a case involving two Chinese men accused of stealing money by using fake ATM cards

This therefore means our law enforcement agencies have to go beyond the conventional areas of operation, to include the incessantly growing cyberspace.

Such enforcement officers should be well trained in the information and communication technology”

I totally agree with President Lungu that Zambia has increasingly been a target of a well-organized misinformation campaign, aimed at undermining the confidence of the people in their legitimately elected government and consequently harm our economy.

So Zambia should do some research on China’s record on cyber control and clamping down on those abusing media freedom.

It might give you some perspective on whom and what we are dealing with here.

I have no doubt that China will lend the necessary tools for clamping down on those who misuse social media.

While you’re at it, look at how China treats their own blue-collar workers back in their own country.

On the other hand, look at the record of countries like Sweden and Iceland on their record of protection of press freedom.

They are among the most peaceful and least corrupt countries in the world.

This is all part of the continuing ‘reform’ of a police service to be at the politicians bidding.

The ‘normal’ police, like those new graduates, should be reoriented into dealing with crime on the ground – protecting the public independently and corruption-free.

Real cybercrime fighting (and not a witch hunt crusade for politicians, as we know is the guise here) requires a smaller specialized unit, well-funded, equipped and professional.


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