Shocking high mealie meal prices

Written by on August 25, 2019

IT was nice to hear that Government has expressed great concern over the high price of mealie meal which is reported to have reached K150 for 25kg bag of Breakfast and K120 for a 25kg bag of Roller meal in some cases.

Indeed this is a matter of grave concern and it was heartening to hear Acting President, Ms. Inonge Mutukwa Wina who summoned the Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo that Government will not stand by and watch the staple food go out of reach of ordinary Zambians.

True, this is a clear case of price distortion by unscrupulous retailers who wish to enjoy abnormal profits at the expense of ordinary Zambians.

However, why did the government have to wait this long until the prices got to where they are today?

For me I think the so-called private sector is a political animal bent on surviving through excessive profits, therefore it will ceaselessly follow the market trends!

At the same time, there are too many people in our towns and cities that are doing nothing and it is the same ones making the loudest noise on mealie meal.

Why don’t they go back to their villages and contribute to the production of maize than hanging around cities as unproductive consumers of mealie meal.


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