Mobile service providers employ new tricks

Written by on August 4, 2019

I HAVE observed with sadness and concern the manner in which our mobile service providers are trying to beat the issue raised by Parliament which is urging government to ban internet service providers from prescribed expiry dates on Internet bundles bought by customers.

It would appear the providers have already found a way out by making sure that bought bundles or talk time finish up fast.

I used to buy K200 worth internet bundles which gave me 12,000MB and lasted the whole month but the now the story is different.

The bundles are finishing at an unbelievable rate and I am sure this has everything to do with our ‘clever’ service providers.

I now wish to seriously appeal to ZICTA to move in quickly and stop the rot before it completely gets out of hand.

May I also ask if our Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) is still alive or dead?

If it is still there, then all the people holding positions in this association should be passed on to the firing squad because they are as good as dead.

On the other hand if it went with the winds, please let other concerned Zambians come up with another consumer protection body with legal powers to bite when ugly issues like the above show up.

Otherwise the mover of the motion, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, deserves a pat on the back for having a heart for Zambians.

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