Gambling business booms in Lusaka

Written by on February 8, 2019



BONANZA gambling business has boomed in Lusaka with owners saying they make about K800 on daily basis.

One of the operators, Isaac Mwanza, of Matero compound said it was through this business that he was able to build his house.

“I live in my own house which I built through running these bonanzas. I have two here at the market and one in Chingwere where I have employed other people to help me,” Mr Mwanza said.

Mr Mwanza also said rumours that this business was run by drunkards and drug dealers were not true.

He explained that running bonanzas were the same as conducting other businesses.

And Andrew Chewe, another bonanza owner said it was through the same business that he was able to take care of his family.

Mr Chewe explained the bonanzas were purely for business and not for beer drinking.

“We make over K800 a day through this business and that helps us with our daily needs,” Mr Chewe said.

He however said while customers were allowed to take alcohol while playing he did not condone the practice because it brought about violence.

 “The business may look boring but we make money out of it. You have to use whatever you come across to earn a living, these same bonanzas make a difference when it comes to making money,” Mr Chewe said

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