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THE Signing of a bill to allow the partial withdrew of money remitted to NAPSA is a welcome move but government should have senstitised beneficiaries before dispensing their money, Leadership Movement President Richard Silumbe has said.

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka, Dr Silumbe observed many beneficiaries are not up to date with technology hence the congestion at NAPSA offices.

He said that massive sensitisation by government was needed in order for easy access to the funds.

“People were supposed to be guided how to go about it, that is why we are seeing congestions especially on the Copperbelt were beneficiaries were saying they don’t have smart phones.

“What is this telling us? There was need for sensitisation,” he said.

Dr Silumbe also noted out that government was supposed to come up with policies that would attract beneficiaries to venture into certain production adding that it is the last money for an individual.

He noted that in that way they would have been productive.

“Government should have sat down and educate the people and come up production policies so that when they get the money they can be productive.

“For example government would said those who want to go into certain direction there these incentives,”

Meanwhile Dr Silumbe expressed happiness that government is listening to the ideas and advise from the LM.

He said the pronouncement by government over, employment ZNS is a sign that government is getting the advice.

Dr Silumbe said Zambians are the real opposition not political parties because they were promised a lot of things.

Meanwhile party secretary General Jairos Ngoma observed that the 20 percent threshold is not enough for beneficiaries to invest.

Mr. Ngoma further stated that limiting partial withdraw to online services is not fair to many beneficiaries as some of them are old age and are not familiar with technology.

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