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…President Hichilema directs that all luxurious VXs vehicles bought for government officials be sold as Ephraim Belemu says the head of State is fulfilling his commitment he made to Zambians  


FORMER UPND Mbabala Member of Parliament, Ephraim Belemu has extolled President Hakainde Hichilema for strongly objecting to lavish lifestyles for high-ranking government officials and ordering the sale of all luxurious VX motor vehicles that have been procured for his Ministers, Parastatals and quasi-government heads.

And Mr Belemu says Cabinet Ministers, senior government officials and those that are surrounding President Hichilema should know that the head of State has a direction, vision and a way ensuring that there was no extravagance in his administration.

Yesterday, President Hichilema directed Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa to ensure that VX luxurious vehicles that were recently procured by government officials be put on sale and that the money realised should be directed to other and more important ventures. 

Speaking at the Presidential Delivery Unit workshop for Government officials, the head of State said the UPND government was clear when it assumed the governance of the country that it would ensure the prudent and thrift utilization of public resources.   

“Extravagance is not part of us. We should change the culture. What I am seeing is that you are still applying to buy new VXs. What is wrong with the GX? Secretary to Cabinet, anyone who has bought VXs after we formed government…in Ministries, parastatals and quasi-government, local government, bring out those VX and put them out on the market for sale. Why do you need a 4 X 4? Let us save the money for more important ventures,” President Hichilema said.

The head of State has said it was regrettable that some government officials were diverting from his vision and direction and were requesting for extravagant life styles by demanding that they be bought VX luxurious vehicles.

The Head of State stated that it was time for the new dawn administration to go back to the drawing board and ensure that there was thrift and prudent utilisation of public resources. 

Presdent Hichilema emphasized that priority for those serving in the UPND government should be about serving the people and not enriching themselves.

And Mr Belemu said from a public policy point of view, President Hichilema was what he had promised Zambians while in opposition.

Mr Belemu said President Hichilema had made commitments to Zambians that he was going to be a thrift head of State who was not going to allow extravagance of his government at the expense of the people being governed. 

Mr Belemu said having been together with President Hichilema for a long time in opposition, he understood that the head of State did not want extravagance in his government and was aptly implementing his vision of what Zambia should be.

“President Hichilema has a direction, a vision and a way of running his government and those surrounding him should be able to read into his vision. From the point of public policy, President Hichilema is implementing what he promised. President Hichilema made a commitment to Zambians that he was not going to allow extravagance in his government and he is auctioning his vision. For me, that is good because Zambians shall judge the head of State on the promises he made and the implementation of his pledges. His (President Hichilema) promises are being translated into public policy positions,” Mr Belemu said.

Meanwhile President Hichilema is disappointed that some Ministers and Permanent Secretaries are failing to deliver to the expectation of the Zambian people.

President Hichilema says it is regrettable that some Ministers and government officials have forgotten the reasons they were appointed in their various positions and portfolios. 

President Hichilema said he had observed that some Ministers and Permanent Secretaries wanted to work in isolation, a situation he described as worrying.

The head of State said if government was to deliver accordingly, there was need for team work among Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and government officials.

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