Stiff competition worries sofas entrepreneurs

Written by on January 28, 2019



A YOUNG Lusaka-based furniture entrepreneur has complained of slow business in sofas sales because of stiff competition on the market.

Mr. Dave Banda, 28, told the Sun that there was too much competition in the business especially that people did not agree on uniform prices.

Mr Banda said that business was not as good as it used to be when he and his brothers started making furniture as there high demand for sofas.

“A few years ago business was fine because a lot of people were buying sofas a lot and only a few of us were doing the business. Nowadays it’s difficult to sell like we used to because sofa production is saturated,” he said.

Mr Banda however called on youths in Zambia to stop relying on government to create jobs for them but find things to do.

He said that government could not create jobs for everyone in Zambia, hence the need for people especially the youth to develop business minds.

He said that it was important for young people to develop a culture of working with their own hands because government would only help people that already had businesses with loans.

Mr Banda said that it was important for people to be their own bosses to make their own decisions on how they wanted to run their industries, without anyone controlling them.

He said that despite stiff competition he and his two brothers managed to pay bills and put food on the table.

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