Preach to young drunkards in bars, Church told

Written by on January 28, 2019



A SENIOR Clergyman has  urged the Church to embark on preaching to under-age alcohol consumers to save them from perishing.

In an interview, Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) Archbishop Peter Ndhlovu said the rising alcohol and substance abuse among young people needs the Church’s attention and intervention.

Archbishop Ndhlovu said the issue should not only be left to the Government alone.

“This is a real fact and we are heading for an explosion of a generation bomb if not curtailed and controlled right now.

“The excessive beer drinking and substance abuse by our children has made them lose morals and they have no regard for education. Their language does not befit Zambia’s declaration as a Christian Nation and it is not only Government and other authorities that can change their mind-set.

“I am calling on all churches to come out of the confinement in their church buildings and let us embark on meeting these children in the bars and on the streets. The word of God can bring total transformation and repentance of the heart,” Archbishop Ndhlovu said.

He added that the vice of adults sending children to bars for various errands must also be criminalised.

He said while most bars have age restriction notices, young people are still finding their way in.

“It seems there is no law enforcement because even some bar owners are just interested in money. There must be strict laws to govern bars and the sale of alcohol at places like graveyards.

“You find people are mourning and yet there is plenty of alcohol. The Lusaka City Council (LCC), as managers of graveyards, seem to have gone to sleep. What are the council inspectors and police being paid for?” Archbishop Ndhlovu added.

He called on members of Parliament, councillors, and other civic leaders to join in the anti under-age alcohol abuse but insisted that the Church must take a leading role.

“I don’t think these young people have reached a point where they cannot hear. It is not too late we can save them. Zambia is a Christian Nation and let us embark on Biblical principles and ethics,” he said.

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