I’M NOT A FUGITIVE – SABOI: as she says police wanted to detain her

Written by on October 30, 2022


I’M not a fugitive for police to search for me like a common criminal and traumatising my family, National Democratic Change President Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms Imboela on Friday thwarted an attempt by the police to arrest her after they raided her home from 07 to 10 hours demanding for her presence which she denied.

She said the police later left the premises but later in the day were seen hovering around in the hope of catching her off-guard. 

Ms Imboela said it was shocking that they were hell bent to make her spend the weekend in cells when they had summoned her to report at their office on Tuesday.

She said that there was miscommunication among the police because the officer who was handling her matter was not aware of the raid that was conducted on Friday.

“I called the officer that is handling my case to inquire why there was a heavy presence of police at my house but apparently she was not aware of anything and expressed shock,” Ms Imboela said.

She said it was clear that there was a section of officers that just wanted to see her suffer by spending nights in police custody before her appearance.

But Ms Imboela said she was neither a fugitive nor a criminal and that she would present herself when the time comes.

But Police deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale said that it was strange for officers to have gone to Miss Imboela’s house when she had been given a date to report herself.

Mr Mwale said that he doubted if they were officers and that anyone could have taken advantage of the situation.

He said that they would look into the matter to ascertain whether indeed they were police officers that went to Ms Imboela’s house.

“I really doubt if they are officers but let me first consult if indeed her claims are true,” he said.

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