Mahogany Air adopts on board Air purifying technology

Written by on July 24, 2020

MAHAGONY Air has adopted the use of Air purifying technology for its crew and passengers. The patch purifies air around any crew member or passenger wearing it during the flight for a period of 30 days. This technology is also being used by some other International Airlines such as Emirates for their crew and passengers flying on their flights.

The Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Jim Belemu said the use of the air purifiers is an added feature to the already being implemented health measures, such as; disinfecting the Aircraft before and after each flight, masking and hand sanitizing by crew and passengers.

“As we have observed there is quite a number of people doing essential Air travel and it is our duty and responsibility as an Airline to ensure that health standards are kept to the highest international standards in the wake of the COVID19 new normal, hence the use of Air purifier technology”, he said. 

“We are conducting flights in the new normal taking into account health measures and our passengers are assured of utmost health safety”, he added. 

Dr Belemu said this when he handed over quantities of Air purifiers for use by Crew and passengers to the Operations Department of the Airline.

And receiving the Air purifiers, Head of Cabin safety at Mahogany Air, Ms. Thandiwe Banda says the EMb120 Aircraft in use by the airline guarantees healthy air throughout the Flight. 

“During the Flight, the cabin Air is triple filtered via an in-belt system and being exhausted outside while the cabin is supplied with new air supply from the engines and Auxiliary Power Unit, guaranteeing new air throughout the Flight. This provision of Air Filters, therefore, adds to our heightened health measures in-flight” she said.

“We will continue providing the best health safety measures to the crew and our passengers during flights, because we care”, she assured.

Mahogany Air resumed flights on the 15th June 2020 after suspending Flights for 2 months in April and May 2020 due to the COVID19 health measures of restricted travels.


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