‘It’s not Tasila’s mall’

Written by on August 4, 2019


THE Kalingalinga Mall which is currently under construction is not owned by Nkoloma ward one councillor Tasila Lungu, daughter of President Lungu, Lusaka City Council Town Clerk (LCC) Alex Mwansa has clarified.

Mr Mwansa made it clear that councilor Lungu or council officials were not involved in the development of the mall in question.

In a statement Mr Mwansa said the truth behind the matter was that LCC received an application in November 2017 from JMZ Properties Ltd who had shown interest in the development of Kalingalinga Development Centre comprising 9,000 square meters of usable space for educational, recreational, and retail facilities.

Mr Mwansa said the developer had proposed to provide a Police post, Trades Training School and Council offices.

He said the developer further estimated that the development would create 120 jobs during the construction phase and 226 jobs when the centre was fully operational.

Mr Mwansa said prior to the application, the developer owned some land at the junction of Kamloops and Alick Nkhata Road and was therefore seeking additional land to facilitate the development of US$ 10 million investment in the Kalingalinga community.

“The additional land they had applied for housed the Kalingalinga Community Centre which was in a deplorable condition and was in need of urgent redevelopment.

“In view of the foregoing and considering the benefits that would be generated by the proposed development to the residents of Kalingalinga in particular and the city in general, council at its meeting held on January 2, 2019 they approved the recommendation,” he said. 

Mr Mwansa said the same resolution was communicated to the Ministry of Local Government for approval, which was obtained on February 14, 2018.

And that following ministerial approval the council proceed to offer JMZ the aforementioned property.

He said the conditions in the offer were that the developer would be required to build new council offices, a new Police post and a Skills Training Centre.

“The development when completed will give a facelift to the project area, generate employment to the residents of Kalingalinga as well as provide Council with modern offices, a Training Centre and modern Police Post, which will benefit the residents’ of Kalingalinga and surrounding areas,” he said

Mr Mwansa said the council would also benefit in terms of taxes such as property rates and business licences among others.

He said the project also demonstrated that the council was willing to partner with Zambian entrepreneurs/developers in bringing development to the residents of Lusaka.

Mr Mwansa said LCC wished to advise residents of Lusaka to avoid speculating on some the developments that was taking place in the city when facts could easily be obtained from the council or other relevant institutions.

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