Boy’s fetus feast shocks Garden House residents

Written by on June 27, 2019



A five-year-old boy was last week found feasting on a fetus in Garden House area, sending on lookers into a frenzy with some claiming the child was a wizard.

In a video obtained by the Sun Newspaper, residents could be heard querying the boy, who appeared confused, about where he got the fetus from.

An angry mob almost pounced on the boy on suspicions that he was a young wizard but quick action by the police saved him.

The boy was later taken into care at Planeview  police post in the Garden House area before being reunited with his parents in Namalombwe area of Chilanga district on Sunday morning.

The officers managed to locate the boy’s parents with the help of some people who identified the boy.

An officer, who did not want to be named, confirmed the police decided to keep the boy for his own safety after some residents almost lynched him suspecting him to be a wizard.

The officer confirmed that the mother had been identified.

He said the boy was believed to be mentally disturbed and suffers from Epilepsy.

The officer said the mother told the police that the boy has a tendency of running away from home but they had no idea where he could have picked up the fetus.

“We managed to locate his parents in Namalombwe area in Chilanga District. The boy’s parents told us that he suffers from epilepsy and leaves the house without anyone noticing,” said the officer.

“We are yet to find out where the boy found the fetus,” said the officer.

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