Bobby , K’Chinga charm Sway (Videos and Pictures)

Written by on June 21, 2019

TERENCE MISELO Writes       

 Zambia’s Castle Lite Unlocks envoys to the 2019 edition in South Africa K’Chinga and Bobby East last week met  American journalist, radio personality, executive producer and rapper Sway Calloway whom they charmed with their unique talent.

The two artistes  were this year selected to attend the Castle Lite Unlocks which was graced by Sway who is an ardent promoter and supporter of hip hop music and culture. Well known for hosting music, news, and culture programming, Sway met several artistes representing different countries K’Chinga and Bobby East inclusive.

The two took an opportunity to capture Sway’s attention by their dedication to rap and later freestyle performance.

“While here we made history for Zambia as the first Zambian hip hop artists to meet iconic radio presenter and pioneer of the hip hop culture Sway,” said K’Chinga who is a big Sway fan and follower.

“ I took it a step further and walked up to him to rap a freestyle for him to make me the first and only Zambian hip hop artiste to rap for Sway which is a huge milestone for Zed hip hop.”

K’Chinga feels this was a big moment for him especially that Sway was charmed by his courage. The Zambian rapper and TV host could not hide is excitement and hope for Zambian hip hop.

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