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RENOWNED gospel singer and songwrite Victor Nyirongo has urged other gospel artists in the industry to unite and support each other so as to push the industry forward.

In an interview with the Daily Nation Lifestyle, Victor whose last album “Manifestation Of Grace” made massive airplay rotations and featured the likes of renowned gospel artists Mweshi Mulusa, Reuben the “Yahwe Mwende Naine” hit maker and Enock Mbewe the “Ameno Mafupa” hit make, said secular musicians have shown more support to fellow secular musicians than gospel musicians have shown to fellow gospel musicians.

“One thing I can say is  that us gospel artist we dont show the same unite and support for each other as compared to how our friends in the secular music show support and unity to each other. The secular musicians are more united and supportive of each other than us in the gospel cycle”

“Take for example, if a secular musician is having a show, other secular musicians will make sure that they are on hand to give support to that artist. But us in the gospel cycle, if you don’t invite that gospel artist, they can’t show up to give support. Even just on social media, look how those in the secular music are supporting each other by posting and sharing other secular artists works  every time one has a new project. Now check how many of us in the gospel industry post or share each other’s works. We are not united and it’s so worrisome knowing that ours is a Ministry of God’s works and yet we can’t share or support each other’s works. To my fellow gospel artists, let us unite and show support to each other. We are ministers of God’s works. Let us unite,” added the ‘Second Gomora’ hit maker.

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