Insurance firm bemoans minimal contributions to GDP

Written by on June 17, 2019


LACK of appreciation of insurance by the common man on the streets has contributed to poor contribution to Zambia’s GDP, says Turtle Insurance Brokers Limited chief executive officer Daisy Mulikelela.

Ms Mulikelela regretted that insurance in Zambia was not appreciated by the common man on the street.

She was speaking shortly after the company’s first claims symposium in Lusaka on Friday evening.

She said that it was worrying to note that people always thought that insurance only applied to motor vehicles forgetting that they owned houses and expensive mansions among other properties.

“People do not think about what would happen if they lose their properties though accidents among other tragedies and do not realise that it is difficult to start afresh when one loses all the investments,” she said.

She said that the company wanted its clients to understand that insurance was of benefit to everyone at the end of the day.

She said that it was one of the company laws to conduct knowledge sharing gatherings and to ensure that it imparted knowledge as well as getting feedback from the clients to get familiar with the challenges they were having in their specific institutions.

Ms. Mulikelela further explained that the company held symposiums and workshops with its idea to bring in the players in the market and interact.

“This being the first symposium we had, the idea was to start with the simple basic things and later build on it,

“It is our duty as brokers to ensure that we guide the clients from inception of the policy because most clients are not insurance experts,” she said.

 She said insurance professionals would always be there from the time of inception of policy up to the time when a claim was made.

She said that brokers would always be there to help the clients put themselves together so that the claims were paid in the shortest time possible.

Ms Mulikelela however said that the company was targeting to reach out to all its clients from all works of life so that they could learn and understand the benefits of insurance.

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