Embrace blue economy, Africa prodded

Written by on May 13, 2019

BUUMBA CHIMBULU writes        

AFRICAN governments should implement policies that support the blue economy as it has the potential to be a major source of wealth and prosperity for the continent.

The blue economy is sustainable use of water resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs.

Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) organiser and founder Leila Ben Hassen said there should be more awareness of the Blue Economy and a realisation of how important it was to the future of Africa.

Ms Hassan said in a statement that governments were beginning to understand this and to implement policies to support the development.

She, however, observed that there was still need for the private sector to grasp the blue economy and look at how it could work with governments and other organisations for the initiative to succeed.

“Collaboration is necessary to make this work and deliver huge benefits for the continent, enabling it meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“ABEF2019 will begin to lay the foundations for this collaboration process,” Ms Hassan said.

The second ABEF will be held in Tunisia from June 25 to 26 this year.

This year’s ABEF2019 builds on the inaugural event in London last year, which explored what the blue economy was.

This year’s forum aims to take it a step farther and explore how business and government could implement actions that would proactively boost the economic, social and environmental welfare of the continent.

ABEF2019 will deliver a strong focus on business and government collaboration, highlight investment opportunities and reveal environmental and social impact.

Discussions will explore the opportunities and innovations in emerging and frontier sectors of the blue economy and how they can help accelerate Africa’s transformation, create jobs, sustain livelihoods and communities and offer low cost but impactful climate change measures.

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