Chief cautions subjects against selling crops to briefcase buyers

Written by on May 7, 2019


CHIEF Mulilo of the Senga people of Chama District has advised people in his area against selling their crops to briefcase buyers at low prices.
The chief said the area has recorded poor yields due to droughts experienced in the area and that people should not sell the little they have to businessmen that have invaded the area.

It is unfortunate, the chief said, that some farmers have already started collecting money from briefcase buyers for maize and rice crops that are yet to be harvested.

‘‘This habit of selling food that is still in the field will no longer be condoned in my chiefdom and should come to an end immediately. I wonder why people start selling crops that is yet to be harvested at low prices considering the hunger situation in the area,’’ Chief Mulilo said

Chief Mulilo said the trend of selling crops that is yet to be harvested has potential to contribute to the already looming hunger situation as well as theft by those whose crop has completely failed.

He said village committees would take note of all those selling their maize cheaply and would ensure they do not benefit from government relief food.

‘‘I have also noted with concern that some people have a tendency of exchanging food crops with beer, this trend is retrogressive and will not be entertained,” he said.

And Chief Mulilo has told the Sun in an interview that he was concerned that some men in his chiefdom have concentrated on beer drinking at the expense of work.

Chief Mulilo said it was disappointing women are the one that are working to provide for families while men are busy beer drinking.
Chief Mulilo has urged beer traders to stop selling beer in the morning as the practice was counterproductive.


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