Woman, 22, fined K300 for insulting friend

Written by on May 7, 2019


A 22-YEAR-OLD woman of Kaunda Square in Lusaka has sued her best friend for insulting her for reasons she is yet to know.
Dora Phiri, 22, sued Mambo Bwalya, also 22, of the same residential area.

Phiri said Bwalya, who had been her friend for some time, insulted for merely telling her to reduce the volume when she was playing loud music around 01:00 hours.

Chelstone senior local court magistrate Charity Milambo heard the matter in which Phiri was seeking compensation for insults and defamation.

She the court that on the fateful day she was not feeling well because she was tired after attending a funeral.
When she arrived home she found her friend, Bwalya, playing loud music.

“She’s my neighbour and when she’s drunk she plays loud music. So I tried to tell her that she should at least reduce the volume because I wanted to sleep. “She started throwing insults at me,” she said.

“I got upset because I wanted to rest after a tiresome day. So I went to switch off power from the main circuit but she insulted me the more. I could hear her because we share the same wall. You know how houses in shanty townships are built,” Phiri said.

In defence, Bwalya said every time she played music her Phiri always complained, forgetting that she also used to play loud music without anyone saying anything.
“She plays loud music as well, and when I try to play the music she says I should reduce because her boyfriend is studying,” she said.
In submission, Phiri said she wanted the court to take action.

The court ordered Phiri to pay Bwalya K300 as compensation for insulting her.
Magistrate Milambo counselled both women and urged them to give each other respect and live as friends.

“You will give your friend a K300 so as to help you shut your mouth, and never should you insult again,” she said.

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