Kabanana wife divorces violent hubby, earns K7,000

Written by on May 7, 2019


A 30 YEAR old woman of Kabanana has divorced her husband of 14 years at the Boma Local Court over his violent behaviour..
Diana Musonda told Senior Local Court Magistrate Linda Tembo that her husband, Henry Bwalya always resorted to beating her even over small misunderstandings.

“Problems in our marriage started when my husband found another girlfriend. He started beating me, we would fight all the time. He would threaten me to chase mw together with the children that I came into this marriage with,” Ms Musonda stated.

She said often times she would even leave home and he would start apologizing and telling her that when he attacked her he had been drunk.

“One time he beat me so much I even vomited blood. I reported him to the police and he apologized. We have even been to court because I sued him for reconciliation. But things didn’t change even after that,” Ms Musonda stated.

She further told the court that when her husband started working somewhere else, she would give him transport money and money for beer but when he got drunk, he would beat her.

“All the time he beats me, he would blame alcohol. I don’t want to be in this marriage anymore because I’m scared he’ll kill me. Also, when I got a loan we differed over what business to do and he chased me from home for that,” Ms Musonda said

In defence Mr Bwalya denied the allegations and said that he did not beat his wife.
“Problems in our marriage started when I stopped working and she started selling beer. She would always come home around 21,00 or 22:00hrs which is unacceptable,” Mr Bwalya said

He also said that his wife disappeared from home on about 4 occasions saying she went to attend funerals and all the times her phone would be off.
“One time when I managed to call her while she was at one of those same funerals, there was so much noise in the background. When I asked her where she was, she said she had gone to buy some beer for the funeral,” said Mr Bwalya.
He also told the court that the only reason his wife had brought him to court was because they had an argument over the children’s school fees.
The court found that there was violence in the marriage and reconciliation could not work.
Divorce was granted and Mr Bwalya was ordered to compensate Ms Musonda with K7, 000.

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