Solwezi acts on public nuisance

Written by on May 3, 2019


PEOPLE found urinating or disposing human waste in unauthorised places in Solwezi will be fined more than K500 for being public nuisance.

The warning was issued by the Solwezi Municipal Council after noticing an increase in the number of residents, particularly of Kyawama Compound and surrounding areas, urinating and defecating in unauthorised places.

In a statement to the Sun assistant public relations manager Esther Chirwa said according to section 64 of the public order act chapter 295 of the Zambian laws, statutory instrument number 12 of 2018, it was a punishable offence to urinate or dispose human waste in unauthorised places.

Ms Chirwa said urinating on walls and packing human waste in plastics then disposing within one’s shop, stand or business area, had become a common habit among some residents.

“It is indeed saddening that residents are losing their touch of hygienic conditions to the point of packing human waste in plastic containers instead of answering call of nature in a proper environment. There is a cost for breaking any law that is stipulated, therefore this one ranges from K500 to K750 fine,” she said.

Ms Chirwa further said that bars and taverns operating illegally faced closure by the council with immediate effect as they were the main contributors to breaking sanitation laws.
She warned that the municipality would deal sternly with those in a habit of committing of breaking the law.

“I would like to urge the general public to comply with the law and avoid being in conflict with it”, said Ms Chirwa.

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