Written by on April 28, 2019

I WISH to comment on those houses built in Chingwere cemetery grounds by people who need to be mentally checked.

Even without talking about corruption at Lusaka City Council which may be behind this scandal, just where is personal conviction in the minds of those people who decided to invade burial grounds?

Surely how can a normal person, with all five senses ticking think, of all places, to construct homes in graveyards?

Is there a possibility that in Zambia a cemetery is not subjected to the laws of ordinary property due to their inherently different nature?

What I know for sure is that Chingwere cemetery has not been abandoned for property development because it is still in use.

This means that all those who have built properties on this land have broken the law and should be punished while their houses are razed to the ground.

Imagine even our ZESCO had the courage to give these misguided people power when they should have stopped to think twice or three times before supplying them with power.

But whatever the case , I wish to call upon our government to investigate this matter thoroughly because it smells a lot of corruption.

All those involved in this diabolic issuance of permits to people to build house in the cemetery grounds should be arrested or at best sent to the gallows.

Let us have respect for the dead or our famous epitome RIP will become meaningless in Zambia.



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