That woman who was defiling her nephew

Written by on April 28, 2019

TRULY there must be something terribly wrong in our modern Zambia because of the numerous bizarre incidents that are being reported daily in our media.

Take this 42-year-old woman of Chifunabuli district in Luapula Province who has appeared in court for allegedly defiling her 14-year-old nephew who was under her custody.

The poor boy told the court that that her aunt repeatedly defiled him on different occasions, after claiming her husband did not satisfy her sexually.

Worse still the boy revealed that on one occasion his aunt abused him so much until his foreskin peeled off forcing him to alert his biological parents.

For me this woman is a monster in a skirt that badly needs prayers so that her appetite for sex can be tamed. It is simply anomalous.

Okay why did she not go for another ‘powerful’ man to satisfy her sexual desires instead of preying on a small boy who depended on her for protection?

I am sure there must be many such cases out there which remain unreported for various reasons.

Our ministry of religious affairs, I think, is not doing enough to supervise our churches so that they can begin to promote high moral standards in the nation.

I know too that some pastors and other men of God are equally stinking because they are on top in sexual offences, but this should not stop the ministry from trying and doing its best in this regard.

A morally upright nation is a requisite to good life and development.


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