Excessive beer drinking by women

Written by on April 28, 2019

THE reported excessive beer drinking by women of Chirundu made sad reading because these are people considered to be mothers of the nation.

Unfortunately this scenario is not confined only to Chirundu alone but has become a national disease eating the entire country.

Reports are bound in Lusaka sprawling townships where women take to the bottle as early as 06.00 hours or immediately after their husbands leave for work for those who are married.

I recently visited my aunt in Ng’ombe compound and what I witnessed in a few drinking spots made me sad.

Women could be seen drinking beers while clad in extremely suggestive dresses which only meant one thing; prostitution.

Unfortunately I was told that even married women are in it in a big way to try and raise money to supplement the efforts of their husbands.

I was also told that apart from beers, the women have also taken to chewing ‘insuko’ tobacco which gives them a ‘high’ feeling for sex. Sad indeed.



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