Lady double-dealer in trouble

Written by on April 28, 2019


A  WOMAN who dragged her lover to court for child support has been asked to name the real father because she has a boyfriend who she says sired the same baby.

This is in a matter in which Morgan Mudenda, 20, vendor of Lusaka’s John Laing compound, has been sued by his baby’s mother, Susan Mtonga, 19, of the same locality for refusing to support their child.

Particulars of the matter before the court are that on December 1, 2018 the two had a baby girl and Mudenda accepted the child as his own and paid damage fees but since then has refused to support the child since its birth. 

Mtonga said Mudenda had assured her of support once the child was born but now it had come to insults each time she asked for money to buy even the basic necessities for the baby hence the decision to take him to court.

“Damage bana lipila but support ku mwana sibapeleka that’s why naba leta kuno ku court kuti ba court bani tandize, ndaba ine neka nika kamba nabo aba batate ba mwana ba mani tukana,” Susan said.

But in defence Mudenda denied ever refusing to support the child but said he could not give money to a woman who has a boyfriend she claimed was also the father of the child each time they had a misunderstanding.

Mudenda told the court that Mtonga was not honest with him about the pregnancy even if he accepted responsibility which he said was based on the love he had for her.

 But after knowing what Susan is capable of doing, he wished he never knew her because she keeps saying the child was not his whenever they argue. “I have no problem supporting the child so long aniuze che real tate wa mwana not ni supporte mwana elo aka kulu aka pezeke na tate winango, uyu Susan aka kalipa ama kamba ati mwana siwanga so ninga supporte bwanji so,” Mudenda said.

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka adjourned the case  for further hearing, and ordered Mtonga to make up her mind on who was the real father of the child.

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