Father marries daughter – and sires 3 kids with her despite being mentally unstable

Written by on April 26, 2019


A RIFT has erupted in Rufunsa following police alleged failure to arrest a man who has fathered three children with his biological and mentally unstable daughter.

The family said they were shocked in a manner the mentally deranged woman, Linda Kapandula aged between 34 and 35 years was having children with her biological father.

Francis Nyambo the grandfather to Linda Kapandula

In an interview with the Sun, the family representative Francis Nyembo, said they were shocked when Ms Kapandula started having children.

Mr Nyembo said Ms Kapandula was not able to go to the toilet on her own or even bath herself adding that she has always been helped in her day to day life.

He said as a family they decided to report the matter to Rufunsa police who pursued the matter and took a DNA test and it was established that Ms Kapandula’s father Nelson Kapandula sired all the three children.

He said the first-born was ten years, second eight and the third was only about eight months old, adding that in her condition she was not able to even take care of her children and her mother was the one who had been looking after them.

“As a family we want to see justice done. My grandchild Linda is a disabled person who cannot do anything by herself and she cannot even take herself to the toilet or bath herself. She has to be helped. Why is the girl having children she cannot even take care of herself.

“The matter has been pending since 2010 with very little support from the police but last year the police managed to do DNA test and the results proved that Nelson Kapandula, her father is the father of her children,” said Mr Nyembo.

He said Kapandula was consequently arrested in November last year and detained at Luangwa police station.
He stayed in the cells for a month and three days but was released in December and since then the police have not made any follow-up on the matter.

“The case was reported to the police and proof is there but the police are not doing anything. They are speculations that Mr Kapandula paid one of the police officers to be released and the man just reports to the police once in a while,” he said.

Mr Nyembo said the family had been trying to engage the police but they were not being very helpful.

“What pained the family is that the mother of Linda is shielding her husband from being jailed. It seems my niece; the mother of Linda and the husband are together in this situation. We are not sure if they are using her for juju,” said Mr Nyembo.

And another family member disclosed that Mr Kapandula was HIV positive and on ARVs, adding that Linda too had now started taking the drugs which was a very sad affair and that was why the family wanted justice done on the matter.
Mr Nyembo also revealed that two of Linda’s children were HIV positive.

Meanwhile Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) youth coordinator Sabrina Amanzi expressed sadness over the matter and said there was need to remove Linda from that environment.
Ms Amanzi said YWCA would follow up the matter with the police to establish if Mr Kapandula had indeed been released from the cells when the evidence was pointing that he was responsible for the matter.

“The woman is being sexually abused by the father and this has been happening for years and now they have three children. There is need to involve social welfare and remove her from that place.

“The father is out of police cells and he can do anything so we need to push and see to it that the case goes to court as soon as possible because the DNA was done and the results point to the father being the owner of the children. Linda cannot speak for herself or give evidence,” said Ms Amanzi

And when contacted for a comment Zambia Police assistant public relations officer, Rae Hamoonga said they had not yet received a report on the matter but promised to follow up the matter with Rufunsa police.

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