Insults cost John Laing man K800

Written by on April 26, 2019


The Boma Local Court has ordered a man of John Laing, Fredrick Musonda, 49, to compensate his ex-girlfriend’s friend who she allegedly insulted with K800.

Godfridah Luyambo, ,38, businesswoman of Kabanana told Senior Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono that one day her friend phoned her while crying and said she was in police cells.

“Alinjebele umunandi Evelyn ati kuli ‘abansungisheko indalama nabankakisha’ so alefwaya nkamwafwilisheko (my friend Evelyn told me someone had given her money to keep and had gotten her arrested and so she wanted me to help her),” Ms Luyambo stated.
She then told the court that her friend was transferred to Misisi where she was almost locked up again but she managed to talk to the police officers who advised Mr Musonda to sue Evelyn instead of having her locked up.

She also said that Mr Musonda called her a prostitute and insulted her private parts and told her Evelyn had stopped answering her calls.
She then told the court that another day after that Evelyn met Mr Musonda in town and they almost fought.

“Evelyn alintumine phone ati mbalondolwele pampiya shabo kaili tula chita business pamo. Alibapele phone futi balyambile ukuntukana (Evelyn phoned me and asked me to explain to him about his money because we do business together. He gave her the phone and he started insulting me again),” Ms Luyambo stated.

In his defence, Mr Musonda denied the allegations and told the court that the only thing offensive thing he said to Ms Luyambo was that the words coming out of her mouth were like that of a prostitute.
“I do not know this woman very well. I just know my ex-girlfriend Evelyn who I lent the money in 2017. I did not insult her friend even when I met her because I don’t know her that well and we just looked at each other when we met,” Mr Musonda stated.

The court found that the probability of Mr Musonda insulting was high because he was aggrieved when Ms Luyambo kept involving herself in his issues with his ex girlfriend.
Magistrate Kamono then ordered him to pay Ms Luyambo K800.

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