2 men locked up for laughing in court

Written by on April 18, 2019

Two men in Lusaka have been detained in police custody for laughing loudly and interrupting court proceedings at Chelstone Local Court.
Timothy Zulu, 28, of Mtendere Township and Obet Simusokwe, 25, of the same area were fund guilty of laughing loudly in court and interrupting court proceedings.
Local court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala said the two has committed a crime by interrupting court proceedings and were charged with contempt of court.
The two could not hold their laughter when a divorce case was in process and plaintiff was giving his statement.
Simusokwe had only escorted his friend Zulu in a case of property sharing case.
Magistrate Namangala ordered the two to spend a night in the police custody as punishment.

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