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A tightly weaved network of semen harvesters has invaded Katete town with most promiscuous men falling prey to antics of the oldest profession on some days.
The SUN has it on good authority that some sex workers in Katete were making a double killing depending on who they were networking with.
Sex workers benefitting from the scheme were seasoned and long serving members of the trade, says those that revealed the secretive scheme where men were milked like a cattle without knowing.
“It is not easy to join the network unless one is recommended by those authorised to recruit. But because I am liked by one of the recruited sister, so I often get to make some little money through her. And the money is enough to cover for one client per used condom.
“The recruitment program is conducted randomly and those hiring are mainly interested in those that have been on the street longer,” said one Emily.
She said in some instances when its less busy sex workers were providing services at a low rate with intention of harvesting semen from unsuspecting men.
Ms. Emily explains that most people were not aware of the scheme and of the opinion that sex workers were an easily cheated people.
“The people buying the semen are unknown. But I hear one condom fetch as much as we charge our clients. They hide their identities by sending different and unknown new associates on regular basis to limit contact.
“They come at any time during late hours to collect whatever would have been harvested,” She explained.
Some of the men interviewed said they were not aware of such a scheme and were in the habit of allowing women to dispose pf the used condom.
“As a men I allow my woman to dispose of what we would have used. In that case if they use that for other things that would be witchcraft.
“And in that case then we are in serious problems,” said Paulo Njovu a local reveller.
Although speculations are that the harvested sperms were being used to make lotions or deposited in sperm banks for artificial insemination, the truth remains unknown.
“I am in not sure that they would be using these sperms for sale to the European community and those woman who desire to be single mother or maybe to manufacture bleaching lotions for women,” said one Amon Banda.
And Salima Phiri said, “There was need for the law enforcement agencies to investigate and understand the secret behind the mysterious act of such women and help people understand what is happening.”
In a separate interview, Chisomo Community programme manager Annie Chiseni said she was unaware of such things.
“It is unfortunate that this is happening and I am learning of this now. It is sad, in that sex workers have gone beyond their traditional engagements and are exploiting other alternatives to the surprise of everyone,” Ms Chiseni said.

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