Written by on April 14, 2019

The recent reported killing of a Lusaka youth Sebastian Lungu by a fellow youngster made sad reading. And whoever said an idle mind is a Devils’ workshop was probably right.

It is clear to me our youths today are bored because of lack of jobs that they can do anything to keep themselves busy, but killing someone is certainly out of limits.

I totally agree with Sebastian sister’s lamentation that it is painful for her to lose her kid brother at a tender age.

Sebastian lost his life at the hands of a friend who used a piece of a broken bottle to stab him to death because of unknown grudge he had for the poor lad.

Unfortunately today there are many youths out there who spend most of their good taking alcohol which always gives them impaired judgment on issues, and often culminating in criminal activities.

They use boredom to involve in a host of illicit activities including prostitution, drugs, stealing and many others, and now murder.

Someone should tell our youths that turning to crime in the face of unemployment is not the way forward but a sure path to prison and Hell.

There are many things that our youths could engage themselves in while they wait for their heavenly promised jobs than to stoop low and take to crime which does not pay.

There are stories from Nigeria where graduates are now selling newspapers in streets to avoid involving themselves in ugly situations.


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