Boma Local Court reconciles in-laws

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THE Boma Local Court has reconciled in- laws who were fighting over the choice of administrator for property left behind by a man who passed on in March.

Sharon Chimwela, 25, of Lusaka’s Mtendere compound was sued by Josline Muma, 38,
a teacher of the same compound, widow of former’s late brother Mulenga Chimwela.

Muma told presiding senior local court magistrate Sharon Sichone sitting with magistrate Mpundu Mwape that she married Chimwela in 2000 and had three children together.

“In 2017, he brought me to court wanting to divorce me but we did not divorce. We were advised to retain home and try discussing the matter with our relatives,” Muma said.

“But my husband refused to follow the advice from the court. We had travelled to Ndola to discuss the matter with our relatives but my husband walked out of that meeting and left Ndola,” she said.

She said when Chimwela came to Lusaka he started staying with another woman.

“While on separation I unfortunately received a call that my husband had died on 17th March. I couldn’t travel for the funeral because our last born child was sick in hospital,” Muma said.

She arrived at the mourning house after the burial, where she discovered that some of his relatives had already left.

“I asked his sister if they had chosen an administrator and I was told that the brother of the late was an administrator.

“I argued that they couldn’t choose an administrator without consulting me. I also told her that I didn’t want her brother to be the administrator,” Muma said.

She said her late husband left benefits of four years at work as a gardener at the South African High Commission.

“I want my first born child to be an administrator,” Muma said.

Sharon agreed to choose an administrator to take of care of her late brothers benefits which were to be shared equally among all the children.

“We can choose an administrator because I don’t want her to accuse me or my relatives if anything goes wrong in the future. I want the other child from the other woman to be included in sharing of the benefits,” Chimwela said.

The court reconciled the warring parties.

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