Mandahill Shopping Mall hosts women shoppers …tips them on business, fashion and art

Written by on April 2, 2019



ABOUT 350 women were hosted to tea at Lusaka’s Mandahill Shopping Mall where they were given tips on business, fashion and art.

According to Mandahill Shopping Mall, Marketing Manager, Jainaba Bah, said the event, known as MH Musimbi Club, is part of the company’s special events and promotions in honour in woman shoppers.

Ms Bah said the company decided to occasionally give the women a treat as a way of rewarding them for always providing business to the shopping mall.

“We realized that everyday women are at the Mall pushing trolleys with kids following them and some of them on their backs. We thought it was necessary that we encourage  network because every woman is an entrepreneur somehow and somewhere,” she stated.

Ms Bah was speaking at Mandahill Shopping Mall on Saturday when her company hosted  the second MH Musimbi High Tea event for women shoppers.

“Today we hosted the MH Musimbi High Tea in honour of the month of women and the members of MH Musimbi Women’s Club. We launched the Musimbi Club in October 2018 and we have since been running festive promotions which are exclusively for the club members,” she said.

According to Ms Bah, the MH Musimbi Club currently has 800 members recruited through monthly promotional shopping activities.

She explained that, “Women who spent over K500 in a special promotional event automatically got   membership of the MH Musimbi Club.”

She advised the MH Musimbi women shoppers to look out for special promotional events every month because “the shopping mall has something for women every month.”

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