True, opening times of shops in zambia unacceptable

Written by on March 17, 2019

wish to come in full support of tour author of the letter last Sunday on the opening times of most of shops in Zambia.

While at least government offices open around 08.00 hours most of our shops including big chain stores cannot be bothered to open until well over 09.00 hours.

I live in Matero and last Sunday I wanted to buy some stuff for my relatives in Petauke, Eastern Province to put on an early bus.

When I rushed to our so-called shopping centre which houses among other outlets Shoprite, Hungry Lion and Choppies, I could not hide my disappointment when I found almost all the shops shut.

Of course except those run by our Rwanda and Tanzanian brothers which I later on learnt that they always open before 06.00rs, indeed to keep up with that old adage ‘early bird catches the worm’

My question is why have we the shoppers, the masters, allowed this mediocrity to continue for this long?

For Zambian shops, the situation is nor t even worth talking about because they have no idea of being traders. Most of their hops open well over 10.00 hours without any sense of shame or mind of business.



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