Female cop wins child custody

Written by on March 10, 2019



A FEMALE police officer of Lusaka has won child custody after she successfully sued her ex-boyfriend to keep the son she has with him.

Mwiche Chite, 26, of Ibex Hill sued Dean Mumba, 30, of Lilayi on allegations that he did not support his child who he (Mumba) left with his parents.

Chite told Chelstone local court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that when Mumba was with his parents, the child received good attention.

“But after Mumba left his parents, the child is always alone with his parents. Whenever I try to call him to check for the wellbeing of the child he never picks my calls and has even blocked me,” she said.

She said that she now wanted to keep the child as she was in a more stable situation.

“I am now deployed in Luangwa and I am able to sponsor my son and take him to a better school,” said Chite

In defence, Mumba said he had no problem with her taking custody of the child as long as she could take good care of the kid,

In submission, Chite told  the court that all she wanted was to have her child back because she was now stable.

Court granted Chite custody of the child and advised Mumba to be visiting the child. 

Mumba was further told defendant to continue to support the child with K400 every month effective March 18.

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