Charcoal business in levies glitches

Written by on March 1, 2019



The high number police and council checkpoints between Kapiri Mposhi and Lusaka have reportedly affected charcoal business in the capital city.

Mr Ndiyo Chisunga who has been in charcoal business for 15 years, said despite it being lucrative, it had been spoiled by too many levies which traders paid on the way from Kapiri Mposhi.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun Mr. Chisunga said business had also become slow due to weather changes, adding that a 50 kilogram of charcoal costs K250 but the price increased during rainy and cold seasons up to K350.

He said business had become hard these days that he only managed to sell one bag in a week compared to more than ten bags in a week he sold during cold and wet seasons.

Mr. Chisunga said he had managed to raise his 12 children and taken them to school through charcoal business.

“I now intend to quit the business later this year and venture into another business which I have not decided yet

“I have been in the charcoal business for 15 years and I have managed to raise and taken my 12 children to school, but I want to quit and start another business because charcoal business has become slow” said Mr Chisunga..

He explained that charcoal business had many challenges such as weather patterns and depletion of trees in many forests in Zambia.

He appealed to the concerned authorities to consider scrapping off some of the levies related to charcoal business.

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