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A WOMAN who routinely denied her husband conjugal rights and refused to cook for him while withdrawing money without his consent, has been divorced in the Chilenje local court.

Jimmy Njobvu, 34, Kabwata   sued his wife Penelope Tembo, 27, of Kabwata for divorce at the Chilenje local court before Magistrate Ackim Phiri, Hildah Choonya and Fransesca Zulu.

Njobvu told the court that their problems started on the very day they got married in 2012 when she refused to have sex with him saying she was not ready.

They couple has from that day had trouble to have sex.

“She rarely stays at home, withdraws money without my consent and I would find messages in her phone from her boyfriend, the man would also come home when I am at work and eat food that I buy,” Njobvu told the court.

“She sweeps the house around 21:00 hours and baths the children most times at 23:00 I gave her about 30pin for business she did not do anything sensible and every time I give her business money messages from different men start coming,” he complained.

“We have tried to resolve issues but nothing is working out and she does not change. I took her to Victim Support Unit because she withdrew money again without my consent and that is where she disclosed that she had a boyfriend.”

“She sleeps with clothes on and I always have to beg for sex from 19:00 to 04:00 hours and she still refuses. She stopped sleeping in our matrimonial room and she sleeps with the children and only comes to our room when she knows I have money,” he said.

“I always go for work hungry she refuses to prepare breakfast. I used to love her but she embarrasses me a lot and she even sent pictures of herself in a night dress to different men.

“I want the marriage to end and I can keep the children,” said Njobvu.

In defense, Tembo told the court that their problems started in 2012 with his relatives when they were living at his grandmother’s house who would tell her that she made the house smell every time she used the toilet.

“One time Njobvu came late from work and I didn’t hear him at the gate she opened for him and the following day shouted at me, saying I had an evil heart. I told my husband what happened but he took her side,” she said.

“I would bath from my sister’s house and sometimes from the garage until we moved to kabwata and every time I got pregnant he would accuse me of sleeping around. He does not know how to take care of a woman.

“He masturbates every day and if we are to get back I would love for him to go and be taught traditionally,” she said.

The court dissolved the marriage because there was no love and feared that the two would kill each other causing the children to suffer.

“You will compensate her k6500 and she will keep the children because the girl child is vulnerable and she will need her mother’s care and for the boy you will have to wait until he is seven seeing that he is still young,” the magistrate advised.

Njobvu was granted full access to the children but ordered to pay K600 per month effective this month, as well as pay for their education, health care and clothing. Property will be shared equally.

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