Man docked over insults

Written by on February 22, 2019

A MAN who made a habit of insulting his girl friend’s grandmother has been ordered to clean Chilenje Court premises while the court mulls over his case.

This is a case in which Beauty Sakala has sued Elias Mubanga 23 of Chilenje for insulting her.

“My granddaughter is his lover and she  is a juvenile but  the moment they stared going out she started misbehaving and moved in with Mubanga, for one year,” Sakala told the court.

She said she had clearly told him to stay away from her granddaughter and not to visit her home, but that he ignored her orders.

“He would come to my house when I am not around when I clearly told him that I do not want him there, or at my bar.  I want  him to leave my granddaughter alone,” she told the court.

“One time she came home at 01:00 bleeding and I told him if she dies it will be on him because one of his other lovers hit her with a bottle and she had to be taken to the hospital,” she said.

“He has beaten her on several occasions. I was scared and that is why I went to the police and even at the police station he insulted me,” said Sakala.

In his defence, Mulenga told the court that he did not know what he was doing when he was insulting Sakala since he was drunk.

“I called her and her granddaughter prostitutes, I used to go there drunk so I have forgotten the other insults,” Mulenga said.

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