Materialistic wife sued for divorce

Written by on February 19, 2019


A Lusaka woman has been sued for divorce for being materialistic and promiscuous .

“ I stand here with a heavy heart. “Before Chelstone local court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala was Collins Mwamba,38, a Civil servant in the Ministry of Defence of Chamba Valley in a matter in which he sued Proscovias Scenti,35, of the same area.

Mwamba sued Scenti on allegation that they have been having misunderstanding in their matrimonial home and that his wife doesn’t respect him.

Mwamba said that they got married  on the   August 24, 2007 and have two children and dowry was paid in full.

Mwamba told the court that, their marriage has not been an easy one because his wife was quarrelsome   and had been adulterous for the past ten years.

“ My wife has been flirting   with men, and I have been forgiving her. The main issue I have brought her to court is the involvement with a man called Humphrey Namashoba.”

“On one fateful day, I discovered a sensitive message on her phone I asked who sent it she told me it was Mary her friend, I ignored and later tried to call the number only to discover that the number belonged to a man. I ignored and moved on.”

“ What really provoked me was, I sent my wife to school to study nursing of which she completed and luckily just upon completion she was deployed to Kalomo District Hospital in Kalomo. Little did I know that it was an opportunity for the other man to fully take over, “ he said.

“On one material day while she was in Kalomo I tried to call her and never picked up, as a man I got worried.”

“ In June last year 2018, I received a call from my wife telling me she has bought blankets for my kids and instructed them to be sent, of which I received only to discover that the sender was the same Humphrey, my heart was broken, as if it wasn’t enough I forgave her.”

“ I hear the man is an elite, he has a lot of money compared to me and no wonder my wife is fond of him. Again what pained me was, my wife even had the audacity to bring Humphrey’s daughters for a vacation in our matrimonial home lying to me that they were her nieces of which I discovered later and forgave her still,”  he narrated.

He also told the court that, on the   January 23, 2019, just after church he found his wife restless outside the house saying she had something to confess to him.

 He gave her time and she said that she was sorry she cheated on him. The story made him feel bad but still he forgave her because of the children they have together.

Mwamba elaborated that he has been providing for the wife since day one and still doesn’t know what she wants. He took her to school, bought her a car. She never lacks anything in the house.

In defense, Scenti told court that, from the word go the marriage has been in wrangles and that her husband has insecurities, doesn’t easily forgive and he was too inquisitive.

“I confessed to him about an affair I had and he has been using that against me. And I can say there is no friendship in this marriage, my husband is always moody.”

“Our marriage lacks proper communication when it comes to conjugal rights. He sometimes forces himself on me, in short he rapes me,” she said.

“I still love him as the father of my children. I wish he would have filed for separation not divorce so that we sort things out,” he said.

 However, the husband  in submission told the court that it seems like his wife needed freedom, “So let her will be done.”

“ Her behavior worries me and am scared for my life because even our pastor tried to sit us done but in vain. All I want is divorce because am tired of this lifestyle, “ he stated. The Chelstone local court Magistrate adjourned the case for the defendant’s boyfriend to be in court

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