Youths urged to take up crafts creation

Written by on February 19, 2019


I AM advising youths of today’s generation to avoid being used for political violence and come to Kabwata cultural village so that we can teach them how to be self-reliant in crafts making.

In an interview, Mr Mulyokela Muyambango, who has been in craft making at Kabwata Cultural village for the past 45 years, expressed sadness that some youths were involved in political violence instead of trying to contribute to the economic development of the country.   

Mr Muyambango advised youths to be productive and avoid throwing stones on the road and masquerading as cadres, adding that it was not right “youths should come so that we teach them how to be self-reliant”.

He said Kabwata Cultural village had become a place where skills were taught and that it was like an institute for people to learn different skills so that they could earn a living.

“Youths should be productive and avoid throwing stones on the road like cadres and throwing stones at each other which is not right.  They should come so that we teach them how to be self-reliant.

He said those interested should come and see the relevant authorities at Kabwata Cultural village so that they can learn. “ We learned the skills from our fore fathers  and we also want to pass the skills to the younger generation,” he said.

Mr Muyambango said learning skills was better than becoming Tujilijili drinkers and expressed sadness that most young people in communities were not productive and wasted too much time drinking Junta which was dangerous and could destroy their lives.

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