Money lender in hot soup

Written by on February 19, 2019


A WOMAN who took the law into her hands by confiscating a television set from a man who owed her money has been ordered by the court to return it to the owner within 30 days.

Boma Senior Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono gave Ms Jeranda Nyirongo, 42,  a 30 day ultimatum to return the TV set to  Mr Kafula Mwango, 54 of 10 miles because what she did was wrong.

The court found   Nyirongo to be in the wrong for getting Mwango’s TV instead of suing him for the money he owed her.

Mwango, told the court that he did not know Nyirongo very well but was only introduced to her by a friend when he had a problem.

He admitted having borrowed K1, 500 from Nyirongo which he wanted to use for rentals.

Mwango told the court that Nyirongo along with other people later followed him to ask for the money but he told them he did not have at the time and asked her for more time to look for money.

It was at that point that, Nyirongo entered his house and got his TV set and left.

Mwango said that organizing the money, he went to see Nyirongo to retrieve his TV but she refused to get his money and told him that she had sold the device.

“I got her a police call out on the   December 18, 2018, and the police later advised me to take the matter to court,” Mwango said.

In defence Nyirongo said she went to Mwango’s house with her boyfriend to ask for her money but did not know who took the TV and her boyfriend has also been missing since then.

“This man made me sleep in the cells before for 4 days. If I had the TV, I would have given it to him. He should just get me locked up I will go to jail since I don’t know where his TV is,” Nyirongo said.

She also told the court that Mwango had been owing her money since August, 2018 but that she was ready to go to prison because she did not have an immediate solution to his missing TV set.

“I can buy him another TV if he gives me my money, or when I start working, I can be giving him instalments of K500 until the money is enough to buy another TV because that other TV is lost. When I start working I will give him the money,” Nyirongo said.

The court also found that Nyirongo’s boyfriend was the one responsible for the loss of   Mwango’s TV.

It however ordered Nyirongo to give Mwango his TV  set within 30 days.

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