Charcoal business goes up in smoke

Written by on February 10, 2019



CHARCOAL traders in Lusaka’s Garden compound have complained that business has gone down because they have been obstructed by the newly constructed shops at their trading place.

Some traders said that business was brisk before the construction of shops which changed everything.

Market chairperson, Derrick Mwenya told The Sun that some time back when the trading space was open, they used to sell more than 2 bags of charcoal a day but now they will be lucky to sell even one.

“Instead of between 2 to 3 bags a day, nowadays we only sell one bag a week and even a month. Business has not been easy at all because we have been obstructed by the shops that have been erected in front of our charcoal stacks,” Mr. Mwenya said.

He complained that people by-pass them thinking that they vacated the place because they cannot be seen from a distance.

He said customers were finding it increasingly hard to locate charcoal traders with the current scenario.

He narrated that some impatient and busy customers by-passed their charcoal which could not be seen from a distance.

“We have traders coming from as far as Mongu, Luangwa among other towns to sell charcoal at our market. Some time back they used to be here for three days and return to their respective towns. But now, they take weeks for them to sell their charcoal,” Mr. Mwenya said.

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