Desks ‘shortage’ shocks parents

Written by on February 1, 2019



PARENTS with pupils at Siavonga’s Kariba primary school had a shock of their lives when they found their children sitting on dusty floors during classes despite desks having been delivered to the learning institution.

The artificial and inexplicable shortage of desks left some parents almost in tears during an open day last Friday after they witnessed their children learning from dirty floors.

This prompted them to alert the media because desks were recently delivered to the government school and wondered why teachers still subjected children to sitting on filthy floors during classes.

The parents have since called on the Provincial Education Officer to quickly visit the area and investigate why the DEBS office did not attend to the plight of innocent learners.

They said the fact that desks were delivered to the school after parents complained at the non-availability of the furniture for lower classes, was evidence enough that someone somewhere was not doing her or his job.

“We had an open day at the school last Friday and to our shock and disgust, we saw our children learning from the dirty floors,” they complained.

However in an effort In to calm the parents and cover up their inefficiency, the education authorities in the district quickly delivered more desks to the school with a promise of sending another batch on Wednesday next week.

And teacher spoken to by the Sun at the school disclosed that despite part of the school being transformed into a day secondary school, DEBS had not given the learning institution extra furniture to cover for the increased pupil population.

‘’You can imagine this school is based within the urban area of Siavonga and pupils are learning from dirty floors while someone at the DEBS office is keeping unassembled desks in a warehouse,” said the unhappy teacher who spoke on anonymity for fear of being intimidated by authorities.

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