Court reconciles couple

Written by on February 1, 2019



THE Chelstone senior local court magistrate, Charity Milambo has reconciled a couple over matrimonial disputes.

Appearing before court was Chibale Nkhoma, 28, of Kabanana Compound who sued Alepha Banda, 37, of the same area over marriage misunderstandings.

Nkhoma sued Banda on allegation that he does not support the children and  buy food in the house thereby causing misunderstandings.

Banda was charged K700 as bride price and only managed to pay  K200.

“My husband does not provide at home, he gives excuses whenever I ask him for children’s school fees or food. And I have never seen his pay slip ever since he started work,” she said.

Banda admitted knowing his responsibility as a husband but the only problem was with his wife.

“The problem is my wife doesn’t want to understand the current situation at hand.”

“I work as a security guard and I get paid K900 every month and that is why  at times I fail to pay the school fees,” he said.

He told the court that all his children are at a private school and sometimes K900 was not enough for maintenance and food.

Banda then agreed   that he would support the family according to his ability.

The Court then continued to counsel the couple on how to live as a family according to Bible principles.

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