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THE 8000 link Zambia road network is an important national project improving the road infrastructure throughout the country.

This is well and good and it is an undeniable fact that many roads have indeed been resurfaced and worked on throughout Zambia.

However, it is not every road that has been worked and areas that are yet to seen progress in this regard, are complaining.

This is hardly surprising because the benefits of a good road network are many .

While many roads have indeed been rehabilitated and motorists are enjoying some comfort on the road, there are some areas that have not benefited.

We have in mind the Chongwe and Chazanga areas where residents have complained of being overlooked.

Apart from the fact that bad roads contribute to the reduction of  the life span of vehicles because of the constant battery on bumpy stretches,  most areas become impassable especially in the rain season such as now.

It is for this reason that residents in affected areas are appealing to government not to ignore their plight.

While some residential areas have had almost all their roads and streets done, others are yet to receive such attention.

In the case of Chongwe, which is also neighbored by farming communities, it is important that roads are graded where tarring may prove costly.

This would make it easier for farmers to transport their products to markets which are mostly located in towns.

 In the case of Chazanga, the road which residents are worried about, leads to the area’s only health centre.

This therefore means that this is a busy road which deserves some attention.

We can only pray that the Road Development Agency (RDA) has been to the areas mentioned and would seriously consider them.

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