Man divorces `lying’ wife

Written by on January 29, 2019

Rabecca  Banda writes


A Lusaka woman has been divorced for being untruthful over money entrusted to her by the husband and threatening violence.

Margaret Kanekwa, 46, of Kamwala South was sued by her husband of 12 years for untruthful behavior.

Robbert Ngambi, 54, a retired police officer of Chazanga compound had sued his wife for lying and threatening to kill him.

Ngambi explained that he got married to his wife 10 years after the loss of his first wife.

“I used to work on police patrol. I never stayed home and because of that I decided to create a joint account with my wife for easy access to the money for both of us,” Ngambi said.

Ngambi explained that he created the bank account with the names his wife gave him.

“In 2009, I became sick and was retired on medical grounds. I discovered that the bank account which I created with my wife was in the name of my wife’s sister,” Ngambi said.

Ngambi said his sister in-law was receiving the money and sharing with his wife while he was left with nothing.

“My wife and sister in-law refused to give me any money,” Ngambi said.

“She said she is tired of taking care of me,” Ngambi said.

“I don’t want to be with this woman. I want a divorce. She cheated me,” Ngambi said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrates Martha Tembo and Ngandwe Mukuka.

But Kanekwa said the misunderstanding in her marriage begun when her husband fell sick and had a stroke.

“When my husband became sick, he started calling me a witch and a thief,” Kanekwa said.

Kanekwa explained that her husband would report every small issue they had in their house to her relatives.

“I never failed to take care of my husband that’s why I tried to reconcile with him but he refused and insisted on divorce,” Kanekwa said.

The court granted divorce saying the man was sick and any stress in could worsen his condition.

The couple was advised to share the property equally.

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